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School of Fish Windchimes

School of Fish Windchimes


Educated Fish!  This School of Fish Windchime consists of five spoon fish of various sizes (ranging from coffee spoon bowls to serving spoon bowls) hanging from a curled dinner fork.  Each one is slightly different depending on my whim and what needs recycling in my studio at the time but each will follow this same pattern.

The silverware is good quality old silverplate sourced from auctions and estate sales.

The chimes are strung on 80 lb monofilament fastened with crimped lead.

They will slowly tarnish over time.  A small care package is included with each chime - it includes a small piece of specialized steel wool that can be used again and again.  It polishes them up quite quickly after which you can coat with car polish (any brand will do) or a clear lacquer (Tremclad) or leave until your want to use the 4 O steel wool again.

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