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Tray Chic Earrings Droplets

Tray Chic Earrings Droplets


A brand new collection!  These earrings are handcrafted from old silverplate trays and platters often found in our mother's and grandmother's buffets and china cabinets.   So light to wear.  Each pair is unique to the swirly section from which it was cut - no two pairs are exactly the same.  

These little droplets measure approximately 1/2".

Out of Stock

The trays and platters are quality old silverplate sourced from auctions and estate sales.  They span many decades of manufacture.  Generally old silverplate trays are electroplated silver over copper or sometimes brass.  You may see the colour of the inner material.  If you have a nickel sensitivity, you may experience a skin reaction to this product.

The earwires are nickel free hypo-allergenic silverplate and measure 25mm.

Please clean and polish using kinder methods like commericial silver polishes and polishing cloths.  The use of fast acting dips is not recommended!  When not wearing, store away from the air (perhaps in a zip loc bag). 

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